2016 seems so long ago.

Things to do in a new year:

  • Commit to healthy eating
  • Commit to sticking to a budget
  • Commit to continuing with the selling of properties, this time rental on the Monongahela River
  • Continue to breathe, believe, receive and live everyday in the moment.
  • Continue to find time to exercise either on the bike or at the gym
  • Maybe even find time to hit the gym with friends like we once did at lunch
  • Get back in the pool for at least 750 yds, 2 times per week. My back, shoulders and hip flexors appreciate it.
  • Register more people for the Riley’s River Rats team for the Pittsburgh Cupids Undie Run
  • Share my financial wisdom with friends oh wait that’s what podcasts are for, you really don’t know what you don’t know about the financial industry until it’s too late to change things.
  • PLANET MONEY on housing.
  • LIFE KIT on investing.
  • https://www.wealthfront.com My little tool to compare human financial advisors with Robo ones. My human one actually has a similar dashboard, but it has issues syncing way more frequently than my Wealthfront does.
  • Speaking of financial ideas- having that fund that lets you say OK lets leap.
  • Also re-read the Ralph Potts book. Vagabonding, which then reminds me about packing for trips. . . We’ve been known to go an entire week with a backpack.
  • And if you are truly looking to think outside the box, there is always the idea of planning for a career leap year. I’m glad I did a little research on this before my own life was derailed back in 2016, it’s one of those things that has allowed me to roll with the tide.
  • Hopefully once the must-do items become fewer, I can get back to focusing on something new, fun and exciting. . .an enterprise that will fulfill my spiritual soul, make a profit and allow us to develop a lifestyle all our own. Hello SUP/Soccer/BoatRides
  • Create a sub-site for project tracking of all things going on in the Gulf of Mexico.

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