There were many years where Monday would be leg day: Squats, presses, leg extensions, lying leg curls, walking lunges. All those hard core bodybuilding workout items. Tuesday would be the big chest day to get full utilization of the decline, incline and flat benches. Never did I ever think going to PF and having only smith machines, matrix and hammer strength machines would be enough.

Then life decided to change things up for me and being able to find a place to workout in OK, WI, OH, NY, CT, NC, MO, AL, RI, WV and PA would be the key to my consistency. The only black card I really never leave home with in the United States.

I found that finding just 20 minutes a day for resistance training would be key to keeping an open mind and figuring out the days challenges ahead. While it may not have been the best for my cardio, just keeping this simple little goal of only 20 minutes was the key to my physical and mental maintenance.

The ideal upper body workout became a quick stop in for a Leverage push and pull.

  • Incline Chest
  • Regular Chest
  • Lat Pulldown
  • Row
  • Shoulder Press
  • Crunch Machine with Legs

During soccer season, I’ve typically used the 20 minute plan to just get warmed up, before either playing or being a referee. I’ve constantly kept myself in athlete mode since high school. Back in those days, it was soccer, soccer and more soccer. In college, I added the weight room thanks to Spud. After college and the first ACL, the strength training led to summers of pitching batting practice and filling in the lineup wherever needed on the sandlots of Fayette County. Somewhere after hitting age 30, the cleats came back as a player, coach and eventually arbitro. Now keeping fit for the games of all season has become the push to stay on the field.

Leg day became very simple with the machines and during peak season was more about mobility than pushing a lot of weight, something about the movement really helped with the recovery process.

While this process may not be perfect, it was something simple quick and easily repeated just about anywhere I ended up.

As peak season ends, I usually try to work back in a power day once per week focused on doing the Planet Fitness version of Bench Press, Deadlift, and Squat using the constraining but better than nothing smith machine.

Why does this matter? When life comes at you with nothing but change ups and curve balls, the ability to find a place to do a quick simple little resistance training session anywhere is priceless.

Current mode, fitting in morning rides in the living room. Increasing the cardio.
Very Serious Spud at a packed Fenway
Cardio at Nate’s Field, getting to run a normal center #PennHillsConnellsville
The scenic down river SUP
A pose in the Nevada desert.
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