Reba & Crosby

Shaken that Axx and letting it all hang out for kids with tumors.

In the spirit of cleaning up my drafts this was started in the winter of 2019, shortly after realizing Reba was struggling physically. She was our rock for the past few years with her little eyes waking me up every morning before the sun would come up. Every time I log on in the morning I see those eyes looking back at me.

In going to the river since Reba has passed it’s not quite the same without being pulled into the river by her for a swim. Crosby seems to be enjoying extended time with Elle, but has also become an amazingly chill only.

Ok it’s really been a few months since the voice behind Reba and Crosby has really had a chance to write.

Life has been a roller coaster of ups and downs. But after a weekend of just letting loose, having fun and raising funds for kids with tumors things are starting to come into focus again.

First, Reba has had a few rough weeks. She however is still being Reba. It’s really bittersweet how the EOL stages happen with our four-legged baby. Reba came into my life at the same time as her mom. If one were to follow logic, she never would have been my baby, but she really has been the one constant in my life–sorry Leslie this is really the Reba and Crosby blog–since 2010. I had both of them on the tandem leash a few mornings ago and watching them walk made the tears stream down my cheek. Ice-dropplets down a cheek are never fun in February, but they really were amazing. Seeing the two sisters walking side by side made me realize that while they may have been put together by coincidence instead of birth they are really sisters.

About letting loose and taking care of others, a friend pointed out that our team and my little jog made the 2018 promo video. Let me know if you see Linds, Kip, Cherie and Anne also.

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