In the theme of cleaning up and catching up with life as the 2019 summer winds down, here’s another thought I had that never was published. In looking back over the last three years there have been quite a few of us caught in the housing trap:

  • moving
  • buying
  • selling
  • preparing to sell
  • financing or refinancing
  • thinking of downsizing
  • simplifying

I’m guessing this thought started around the time Linds and Chris were house hunting, then would have also applied to Ryan in Tulsa. Sorry for not publishing this earlier but I can always find some interesting stories either in Podcast form or through the news.

Then if you decide to go the small, there is this issue:

Of course then condo’s are also an interesting option considering who’s now in the market for them in hot market. This one is for Angelo.


Funny thing is Marketplace was talking about converting a Bungalow with a garage into a little single unit dwelling based on zoning. Let’s just say it gave me a different perspective on Minimalism. Check out the last five minutes of this episode to hear about accessory housing. I wonder if that can come with something other than wood or vinyl siding?


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