Why exercise at home?

Why exercise at home?

After finishing the morning dog walk/SUP I was greeted by a text asking what would you recommend for a home exercise bike? Funny question since we recently made that decision.

Since I’m a big Tim Ferriss listener and a former spin class junkie, I do tend to find instructor driven stationary biking to be much better for my mind and HIIT than the standard Precor, Lifefitness, Matrix recumbent or upright bike. I still bust out my old as it likely recalled Reebok Spin bike for an episode of HOUSE OF CARDS, Money Heist, or OITNB at least once a week to keep my referee cardio in check. I was all good with adding a Peloton to our house, before I ordered the concept2 rower. If we were a hard core biking house with new hybrid or road bikes like a SURLY or Trek then the decision may have been a trainer set up by Swift.

I’m still a big fan of getting outdoors when the PA weather permits and a daily stop at the gym to lift a little iron. Since life has been so crazy I’ve been using the 20 minute rule: 20 minutes of iron and 20 of cardio at some point each day. I crunched the iron routine into a three day split:

  • Legs (presses, calf, curl, ext, abduct, adduct, glute kicks)
  • Push and pull (either a leverage pulldown, row, chest press, inc chest press or a DB and cable day with pulldowns, rows, presses and flye)
  • Boulders and arms (car drivers, presses, shrugs, raises, curls, pushdowns, dips, more curls)
  • BDS and Abs (bench, deadlift, squat then fallouts and crunches or something.)
  • When Reba was not feeling well, the at home cardio became the vintage Schwinn Air Dyne that was set up in the kitchen so she was always in the line of site.

If I was looking for just a 20 minute total body workout the rower erg or air bike are my choice.

If for some reason I had to replace my Reebok Spin bike, the Concept2 is on my list.

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