• Hello on behalf of our family I would like to welcome you here tonight — Why a celebration of life? —
    • Because Fran has shown everyone of us, how to live with gratitude, humility, kindness and generosity. The stories, pictures and notes that you’ve shared have been very heartwarming and inspired this little party.
  • However in talking this idea through it seemed appropriate that, we first should give thanks, the way Fran would, since she lived her faith everyday.
    • Dear Father, give us eyes to see where you are working so that we may work with you. Help us rebuff the world’s temporary demands so that we can focus on heavens duties that bring eternal rewards. Thank you for your promise to take care of us and be at our side at all times.

The following verse of scripture applies to all of us, but definitely was Fran’s guide. Psalm 28:7

  • The Lord is my strength and my shield; my heart trusted in him, and I am helped: therefore my heart greatly rejoices; and with my song will I praise him. Psalm 28:7

Having a few months to think of a prayer that would be fitting tonight, I reviewed the working girl’s prayer she carried in her wallet and the little reminder on top of her rolodex, after reviewing all the prayers I’ve uncovered Let’s pray

  • Dear Father, help us see that there is no ideal place or circumstance to serve you. You can and will use us right where we are. 
    • We are where we are when we are, because we have been chosen  for such a time as this. Our steps are ordered by you. We do not need to wait for the ideal time and place to serve you Father. The only ideal is where you are right now. Help us be present each day and know your loving hand is guiding us through storm clouds so we may understand that you are accomplishing your purposes daily in us.

We are grateful to have friends and family present to share in this little garden party tonight. 

Welcome and Toast: (Tentative) Thanks to all of our friends with great storie we skipped over this on Friday night.

  • Hi Everyone
    • Many thanks to all of you for being here this evening in Pittsburgh to celebrate my Aunt Fran in such a beautiful way.
    • A very special thank you to Maria and Sue squared for making this evening happen.
    • For those of you who worked with Fran, you know how much she loved, lived and breathed PPG. I think one of the most memorable statements I kept hearing back in January reminded me that Fran treated everybody the same——she always treated you like family.
    • If by some chance you met Fran through Joe— You witnessed her commitment to the Monongahela/Charleroi community. Fran continued to support all of their joint loves— Mon Valley Hospital, First United Methodist of Monongahela, Mary Mother of the Church, Food Pantry, Charleroi Schools, or as we liked to call her Madame President as she led Frye Construction.
    • Fran was always so very proud of doing things so quietly and I am certain she is looking down on all of us this evening and (hopefully) smiling. 
    • May this garden a place of comfort and peace remind us of all the kindness that Fran shared with all of us.
    • I can think of no better way for us to celebrate her life by raising a glass to Fran.
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