Highland Park is blooming.

OK for those of you worried about Crosby, being an only. . .you can stop now. Ms. Crosby has increased all of the following: her mileage, time at day camp, doll house digging, visits to dog parks, road trips, morning belly rubs, evening game playing. Her walks have become hill climbs so taking photos, has been very difficult on the walks. This morning she sniffed with a puppy pit bull, popped in her sisters doll house and checked on the flowers at 814.

I’m guessing Reba watered that spot. It was the only red flower in the garden in bloom.

So somebody started the ball rolling to Halifax. There are/were awesome people in Halifax. One of them Harold, joined me in Montreal for a hockey game. That is the city for poutine. He was definitely a HABS fan. Harold is the reason this jersey is still hanging in the closet that I can’t close. I’m not joking when I said the trip to Halifax may just be a pub tour. If only I could figure out how to get a hold of a few people I once new up there.

I’m not digging
I was well fertilized this winter.

One response to “Highland Park is blooming.”

  1. Glad Crosby is coming into her own – the pics are great. Lots of flowers here, but none of our traditional northern spring flowers. We see lilies, azaleas, orange blossoms, and many I can’t ID, but no daffodils, tulips, or crocuses.

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