Spring is beginning to happen in Pittsburgh. The NHL regular season is now over and the Penguins are beginning their 13th straight post-season this week going after Lord Stanley’s Cup. Crosby the four legged one met Stanley on Sunday at the dog park.

Crosby also had a porch weekend barking at all the neighbors as they walked by the house. Side note, she was a very good girl. In reflecting on this first porch day of 2019, it’s good to chill every now and then. Yes, soccer was put on hold again!

Kitchen Helper is back. . .

Why a porch weekend? Because it’s a key part of life. Yes we did get to celebrate a few holiday’s, birthday and Mother’s Day over a Saturday night dinner. We also were able to see the Boy Crosby score an amazing one-timer goal against the Rangers. More importantly Reba is back in the kitchen, she will have a home wherever we go. Right now she overlooked our breakfast this morning and left her paw print behind on our hearts.

Yes hockey in Pittsburgh
With play by play
The daffodils are in bloom
We found big steps on our walk
The boys had drinks in the basement
The view from the T
Checking out the water treatment
And Mon River lock #4

Hello Navigator.

Crosby likes to jump in the front seat or hang out on the armrest now.

A look back to a long time ago when the beard had several rounds to grow and Detroit was in the Western Conference.

Igloo Days before the iPhone.
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