Reba & Crosby

Celebrate we will. . .

It’s amazing how far we both have walked. We’ve walked the shores of Lake Michigan, the Allegheny, Youghiogheny and Monongahela River banks, the beaches of the Gulf of Mexico together. Sometimes it was just us two sisters with mom and dad. And thanks to our extended family in Ohio, Florida or the river we may have been walking four wide. I realized that most of the walks may have been for exercise or just to sniff for boy pee, but I knew the walk was always at the mid-point when you dropped it like it’s hot. Sometimes we both barked, sometimes we just tried to gobble up the breadcrumbs the old gentleman left behind for the birds. Everyday together, I tried to pull my sister along and keep her young from the first day I met her as a puppy.

Love ya, Sister!

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  1. bmcindoe

    These are wonderful shots, and it is impossible to choose a favorite. They allow us to see the soul of two well-loved and cared for family pets and members. And they give us a peek into the souls of their owners. Love to all.


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