On the first day of January we let our parents sleep in before demanding breakfast and a walk. We let them sleep to 0700 before Crosby did the trek up the steps to wakey-wakey.

We are glad this year does not include a 15 hour New Year’s Day car ride. We do miss the sun and warm weather (anything more than 50 degrees F) that we had this time last year in Destin. We really miss the sunrise walks over the preserve. Right now with Uncle Dave’s car needing a repair we’ve been limited to walks around A-wall instead of the awesome park in Pittsburgh.

Supervising Home Construction in Delaware OH

Here is our wish for 2019.

  • Lot’s of morning and evening dog walks.
  • Belly Rubs
  • Pre-breakfast massages in bed.
  • Filled bones to lick.
  • More new home construction to keep the economy chugging along.
  • Okaloosa County creating a dog pass for the beach so Reba can swim in the salt and Crosby can dig in the sand.
  • World Peace, Love and lots of little Donuts for us.
  • An awesome backyard party minus our poop before Cupid’s Undie Run Pittsburgh.
  • A road trip for spring break to party with party fun girl Elle.
  • Weekends with mom and dad grabbing brunch at Cornerstone, with us!
  • Digging and swimming in the Allegheny River.
  • Trick or Treaters on our street.
  • Day camp for Crosby and long car rides to Charleroi for Reba.
  • For real this time, Peace, love and world peace!
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