How long should I cook my turkey?

Ok, we are starting a new tradition this year in Columbus, OH. 

We travelled with our Thanksgiving birds. One came from Leechburg (Pound’s Turkey Farm) and the other from Cabot (David Jones Farm).

To answer the Farm Aid email, we do know where our food is coming from this year and we are truly thankful for having such great farmers around us.

Pounds delivered to our hometown shop and Jones was a little drive away off of the Freeport-Butler Trail. So this year in OHIO we can eat free-range Pennsylvania farmed turkeys. Guess what happens with these happy non-injected turkeys? They cook much faster!

How much faster? Let’s just say a lot.

OK now that we thought this new bird and process on a different grill in a different city through. . . we immediately broke our instant read thermometer on the grill because we didn’t have enough clearance from the lid. So we went old school with the old probe. 

So much for working the grill.

One learning item this year is to figure out how hot your grill gets and make sure there is enough clearance so you don’t melt your thermometer. At least it was the IKEA one! Note to self the old school probe didn’t quite get deep enough into the breast to give a good reading so we had go back on for another 25 minutes.  

So the deserts were prepared with care. and protected by Crosby.  Or at least that’s what the nut roll stealing little dog would lead us to believe.

In hopes that we’d have room after all the turkey and stuffing.

Just think in just over a month we will be back to doing a free-range turkey on the grill for Christmas along with dressing and stuffing and grass-fed free range beef.

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