Reba & Crosby

Little City and a Monte Christo

Charleroi, PA: 20-Nov-2018

Decided to do a little food pairing this evening. While in East Brady we had to clear out the frosty devices which meant we had real maple syrup. After that great find it was time to pop in the Old Bank for some ham and swiss cheese. We decided to leave out the turkey since there will be plenty of turkey later this week between the birds from Pound’s and David Jones. We already had a cheat step, with a few day old brioche from Whole Foods. Thanks to the brioche we were able to leave out the egg, but remembered the butter.

Now what do we pair the Monte Christo with? First stop on the dog walk was Four Points Brewing. Would all that sweet work with a Belgian? Hmmm. No.

How about one of their hoppy hoppy IPA, APA or others? No.

The aha moment of the Little City Coffee Stout! IMG_1948



While we are at it the brioche grilled with butter and maple syrup also paired very well with the Little City.

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