Once upon a time in the land of Cincinnati, there was a girl who graduated from Mt. St. Joseph.

While us dog’s were having a night in with our rent’s we did a little digging. While we didn’t find bones in the back yard, we did find some digital cookie crumbs and a few photographs.

Look how young I used to be; notice the red luster in my coat and my sister wasn’t around quite yet. . .Screen Shot 2018-11-01 at 10.52.52 PM.png

Apparently the cape may have gotten into the icing on the cake. . .Screen Shot 2018-11-01 at 10.52.11 PM.png

Somehow there were no dolphins on this cake. But there were plenty of smiles!

Screen Shot 2018-11-01 at 10.58.21 PMScreen Shot 2018-11-01 at 10.54.14 PMScreen Shot 2018-11-01 at 10.56.10 PMScreen Shot 2018-11-01 at 10.59.11 PMScreen Shot 2018-11-01 at 10.59.50 PMScreen Shot 2018-11-01 at 11.01.13 PM

2 responses to “Happy Birthday to Grandma. .”

  1. Cherie Peters Avatar
    Cherie Peters

    I love this post so much!!! This is the 1st time I saw most of these pics. The last one is my fav. 🙂

    1. dpankiewicz Avatar

      Reba was having fun going through those old pictures and we couldn’t pass up those big smiles!

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