Reba & Crosby

Where were you on Election Day 2012?

Here’s the PG review of that night.

PG Mervis review

If you are not quite a Madonna fan, here’s a little more about this tour.

  1. Virgin Mary
    (with Kalakan) (with snippets of “Lekhah dodi”more )

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  2. (with samples from “Materialmore )

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  3. Play Video

  4. Play Video

  5. Play Video

  6. (with samples from “Girl Gone Wild”)

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  7. Play Video

  8. Prophecy
  9. Best Friend
    (video interlude; with samples from “Heartbeat”)

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  10. (with snippets of “Born Thismore )

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  11. Play Video

  12. Turning Up the Hits
    (video interlude; with samplesmore )

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  13. Play Video

  14. (with Kalakan) (with snippets of “Sagarra jo!” by Kalakan)

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  15. Play Video

  16. (with Kalakan)

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  17. Masculine/Feminine
  18. Justify My Love
    (video interlude)

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  19. Play Video

  20. (with samples from “Ashamed ofmore )

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  21. Play Video

  22. (with samples from “Evgeni’smore )

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  23. (with snippets of “Evgeni’smore )

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  24. Celebration
  25. Nobody Knows Me
    (video interlude)

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  26. Play Video

  27. (with Kalakan) (with snippets of “Cyber-Raga”)

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  28. Play Video

  29. (with samples from “Girl Gone Wild”)

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