Reba & Crosby

Reba’s wish. . .

To all those dogs that I meet on walks, but can never sniff your behind, rollover and puppy play with because my sister is a leash aggressive crazy lady.

I’m sorry, I really would have loved to meet you and your owner. I realize a lot of times we have to behave and hear NO, NO, NO because my partner in this dog life gets a little too wild when she welcomes other dogs on her leash.

Last night with Elle, I was able to meet, sniff and chill with Ashby. Now Elle was ready to turn and run, but I was completely ready to go off leash and play.

This morning on our walk, I really wanted to meet this big fluffy dog, but Crosby started barking as soon as he came near us and chased him away.

I love my sister, but I really think I would have loved to meet more dogs on my walks.

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