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Why do I need a deck and vertical stain?

IMG_8235.JPGResearching some colors and products for the deck, spindles and back of steps. Something about a deck overlooking one of Pennsylvania’s great rivers means maintenance should happen every 5 years.

Step 1: Don’t Pressure-wash.

Step 2: Let it dry, if we actually get a few dry days.

Step 3: Stain your deck.

Step 4: Stain your verticals.

Step 5: Pray for 1.5 dry days so you don’t need to tarp the deck.

Or wait until August when PA gets into drought conditions and hope the weather stays in the 80’s.

As for what we need:HD cart 2HD cart1HD cart 3

Olympic Max Honey GoldTimeless Atlas Cedar

Oh and we have a garden hose and sprayer already for the deck cleaner.

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