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A little crab-by.

As tropical storm Alberto approaches the panhandle, Memorial Day weekend plans are getting a shake-up. The clouds are a little lower, the surf is full of riptides and not really safe for swimming. That means the beach was quite full and finding a good place to decompress was tight unless you were a crab.

We were under a single red flag for most of the week and let’s just say UNDERTOW and rip currents. The Destin FD/Beach Patrol had their rescue jet ski doing runs to keep people in close to the shore.

We also learned that SPF 50 sunscreen makes one feel like they are burning up more than SPF 30 due to the extra ingredients used to make the 50. Apparently the ingredient specs used on the 50 has a slightly higher percentage of —– that prevents the skin from breathing, so you feel like you are burning up as soon as it’s applied.

Being here in the Gulf it’s easy to remember why we celebrate Memorial Day. The Air Force is always running training missions overhead making sure they are prepared for whatever the world may throw at them. It’s on this holiday of gratitude that we should realize there were many sacrifices meant to keep this land free; no matter what pops up on Twitter.

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