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How to Henderson Inn it:

Where should one go on their first anniversary?

  • Maybe the same place in paradise where we chill-laxed and had amazing food at The Beach Walk Cafe?
  • Maybe in the commons?
  • Maybe at the outlets?
  • Maybe by sharing a piece of our wedding cake?
  • Maybe a little cafe on scenic 98 named Camille’s?
  • Or just a walk on the beach?

Ok so we did a little bit of everything to embrace all that Destin has to offer. The highlight was dinner at The Beach Walk Cafe. If only we had room for dessert. The Beach Walk Cafe located in the historic Henderson Inn is Destin’s best known fine dining experience, with tables inside, on the deck and even in the sand. It is a very quiet place to escape from the bright lights and typical vacation experience in Destin.

There is something amazing about their southern twist on great gulf dishes. Whether it’s the crab with eggplant, a chef’s special snapper dish, or the amazing shrimp and grits there is a certain level of attention to detail with everything at the Cafe. Here’s visual proof:


Enough with the dining, the Henderson Inn is truly an escape from busy. We followed the cruise rules when staying at the Inn.

  • Lock the phones in the safe.
  • Get up for at least one sunrise on the deck.
  • Find an old school paperback book.
  • Get up early enough to open up the cafe for breakfast and try something different each day.
  • Find a beach chair and enjoy the amazing.
  • Take a nap.
  • Don’t forget to pick up you bag lunch.
  • Take a walk through the state park; the beach is usually a little quieter than the Crab Trap. (Just note the walk to the Back Porch is just over one mile, and the walk back feels even longer.)
  • Stay around the fire pit to watch the sunset.
  • Schedule a trip on the sea blaster

In recalling what I told Champ when she asked where to go for her honeymoon, I recall telling her that this is the most amazing beach within a one day drive of Indy and that if she wanted an experience to just disconnect the Henderson allows you to just be. Especially if you arrive with the goal to share the beauty of the beach with a special partner and want to just be:

  • present
  • grateful
  • one with nature

I was just reminded by a friend that the staff makes the entire experience five star. From the front desk, the gentlemen making breakfast to order  breakfast diner, the beach service they all take the time to get to know you and help you celebrate your time at the Inn.


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  1. Four seasons, dad

    Happy anniversary, sounds like you’re having a wonderful time. David you missed your calling you should have been a writer for the local national newspapers etc. etc. I always knew you had hidden talents but not in the line of work that I do,/everything! I believe the Hendersonville inn will pick up a lot of business after reading your celebration in the advertisements. Have a good week!


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