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When Congress gave up?

Let’s talk about the:

Smoot–Hawley Tariff Act

If you’d rather learn by listening this one was pretty good: Marketplace Smoot-Hawley

Let’s now see how Smoot-Hawley made it possible for #45 to easily enact his we may campaign promises. Will those promises lead to a trade war? Could these targeted tariffs lead to our next global crisis.

Do the new tariffs hurt #45s base?

It will be interesting to see what new FTZ’s will be created to circumvent the latest tariffs.

What’s a FTZ?

After picking up my imported light bulbs at the auto parts store yesterday and hearing the manager say he doesn’t trust the news, I figured it was time to pull from history to see if state of tariffs needed to be reviewed.

Cheers from sunny Pittsburgh, where our manufacturing took a giant leap because of WWII. IMG_6212




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