Party Deppen or was it Hil’s wedding? Not sure. Oh yes the Allegheny River had ice on it to end the year.

Westlake Friends for lunch and a quick catch up.

More soccer, why did I choose coaching over being a lone wolf official. Unity is a tough job. Communicating and changing perceptions and traditions is even tougher.

Jim and Sue finally made it to see the Blue Angels. After hearing of their last trip to see them during the homecoming show and how they missed it we even made somebody fly into a different airport.

On the topic of Blue- We had Blue steel on the beach.

Then there was Dad’s birthday at Ciccanti’s. He still hasn’t fully embraced our Celebrate We Will them.

Get your pump on!

Down dog’s for all?We made it to Boshamp’s the place of yummo oysters.

Did anybody see an Elle-dear?I want to be on next year’s Christmas card.

Gulf  or River?

I’ll huff and I’ll puff and I’ll take notes from Reba?

Thanks to our car helper!

Aunt Barb is photobombing Grandma Neighley’s selfie!

Blue Steel?!?

I like being a snowbird!

Hello NAS Pensacola! Welcome home Blue Angels.

Kalan’s lizard. Guess who’s photobombing again? We did a little something before we became snowbirds. 

Rendezvous in Cary!

Daisy and Dakota do have her heart even on Wedding Day!Look at the flowers!

In summary what did we do:

  • I married my best friend, dog mom and love.
  • Moved to Charleroi to start the year and become Pennsylvania residents again. I knew when she agreed to do that even for only a few months that she was the one.
  • Moved to Aspinwall again thanks to Reba and Crosby finding us a new house in a very walkable neighborhood. Thanks to Anne for helping us find this the first time.
  • Planned a wedding in less than 4 months. Yes, the BOY planned the wedding. We didn’t use a random number generator to assign tasks. 
  • Reba and Crosby legally have two parents as our mom and dad finally tied the knot on the beach. Yes this goes back to the we got married thing, but the dog’s were tired of calling him Uncle Dave.
  • Decided to coach soccer again, instead of just being a referee.
  • Two words: Undie Run if you are going to raise money in February in Pittsburgh why not?
  • Stanley Cup Champions- back 2 back years!
  • Reba and Crosby decided to be early snowbirds and spend November and December in FLA.
  • Paddled in the Allegheny, Choctawatchee Bay and Gulf of Mexico on our Tower iSUP.
  • Closed a chapter from Milwaukee in March. Miss yinz guyz and galz up there in Wisconsin.
  • Published our first calendar together instead of a Christmas card
  • Started following Brene Brown on Instagram after seeing her TedTalk #grateful #blessed #wholeheartedliving
  • Published the 7 days 7 photos in black and white.
  • Dave and Tim – Philly and Canandaigua
  • Did we mention a wedding? On the beach?
  • Made it to the Warehouse Gym, Reading PA.
  • Stanley Cup Finals 2017 #LetsGoPens
  • Became a swimmer. Stepping out into the pool for cardio instead of running. @MVYMCA @DestinAquatic
  • Books read: The Butterfly Effect, Subtle Art of not Giving a FCUK, Origins, Strength of a Champion, The Power of Vulnerability, Daily Rituals, The Obstacle is the Way, Vagabonding

May 2018 be full of more flowers, lots of love, belly rubs, new beginnings, DMB touring, another Lombardi, lots of celebrations, beach walks, swims, workouts, road trips and living with a whole-hearted approach.

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