Just sipping some coffee and doing a little research. Adaptive research. The first stop in my research came from a Facebook post. Yes, I’m still resisting that Facebook (thanks Linds for the “that”, but this link led to a whole lot of a whole lot.

But first last nights sunset on the gulf.

Parking at 790 on the Gulf was easy and perfect for letting the ramp out. The elevator at the entrance made getting to the ground floor restaurant easy. The only issue was there were no high top tables on the patio area, making it a little difficult to have everybody at the same level for dinner.

Leslie keeps telling me we should create a site reviewing real accessibility based on our adventures down here. Based on our doctors office adventure I can agree. Ramp parking wasn’t originally the best, especially after we found two spots that really would work better with the van that were marked for open patient parking.

OK back to the topic!


Today’s topic is technology. Adaptive Tech! In learning about somebody pushing the tech in the US, I stumbled upon his site and mission. We found Tim Shaw through the Nittany Lion world, but it appears Steve Gleason has been fighting his fight a little longer. I recalled seeing his No White Flags t-shirts during the Pittsburgh ALS walk, but this is the first time I’ve explored his mission.


Oh my Ted page keeps growing, with Brene Brown and now some TedxPittsburgh clips:

Some of my Fave Ted talks.

Speaking of Ted Talks one that I caught sent me to the Woody Guthrie page. I guess I never realized the depth to his song writing. If you like This Land, make sure to check out the full lyrics. 😉

Woody Guthrie site.

So much for happy sweet song.

OK back to the research, Just received a call back from Tobii support on my ticket and they believe I can still possibly import the old email into the new app. Challenge is to archive all the old mail, then delete it, so Tobii can import a smaller chunk of data.

Back to Tobii we are starting at calibration and slowly building on small success as the eye mapping and following can be a little trick and tiresome.

Outside of Tobii the current challenge is looking at voice amplification devices that will make verbal communication a little louder now. The effort to get the message out and loud enough to hear is high, the struggle is also high.

OK back to today’s research on Nov. 10:







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