During week one life was pretty much on hold.

  1. We had the great cleaning challenge of hitting up everything and anything that had a surface.
  2. Then came the first truck.
  3. The second truck.
  4. Then the furniture.
  5. Followed by exercise equipment.
  6. Finally the dollhouse.

That was a full storm that led to the unpacking, decluttering and donation phase.
We are stuck in that rut but are finally getting out two walks a day. Oh and we have a bed in the half bath and moms closet. After we moved in some birds mom thought our house was good enough for her. Only the humans found this so far. .

Reba's room.

Onto more important things- today's walk kicked our booty.
guess who read the tagging and chose adhere to it?
We even had a two man on the water.

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