Over this holiday weekend it’s nice to take a moment and look back on some special places, people and events that were trapped in my cloud. It’s weekend’s like this where we must reflect and be grateful for what happened back in 1776. When the founding fathers took that big risk to set up a revolution to create a new world. I am very lucky to live in a place that was founded on freedom.

We are a very young country, the founding fathers had a vision founded on freedom, hope and belief in their fellow man. The cities and states that have sprouted from this vision have provided lots of fun and many special memories.


Huntington Park, San Francisco


KLINE family vineyards. This was our first vineyard visit together in the Napa Valley. 

Sometimes you need to strike a pose and flex your muscles. Like these two at Aunt Jayne’s birthday.

East Brady even has something going on. . . Riverfest brings fireworks, boating, festival at the stadium, puppy parade and the past 3 years a 5k. Wondering who will be joining me this year. 

A few years ago RJ came to Milwaukee for the 4th. What is more American than checking out a brewery in one of America’s biggest brewing towns.Throwing back to my time at Axiall and the send off my friends gave me.img_2407.jpgSometimes you need a little help getting things back in order after you’ve had your bicep reattached. Thanks to all of you who helped get me around that week. As Leslie likes to say, “You were high as a kite!” Many thanks again to those that assisted me post-op the last time I had to get an arm fixed. Thanks again to Anne for assisting with some things that I couldn’t do with a hand all wrapped up.

RJ even made sure I had some time bonding with the cousin. Then there was the time we went to the Arnold and talked Lindsey into running the Survivor Race. Then there were the times at Lunch that the Lunch crew would hit up Diamond Athletic Club. Even the one time that Matthew joined us. Live at the location used to shoot seens from the Denzel Washington Train movie “Unstoppable” This is definitely a cheat day at lunch instead of hitting DAC.Then there is Halloween season. Look at the Rufferee and Wide Retreiver.img_1532

Then there are retirement parties. 

Look who’s back at it working the iron of DAC.
Here’s to 20 more days until this is Huffy’s Hood again. 
Say hey to Louie. 

Somebody was complaining she’s not featured as much as the lady friends.

Arnold is always a holiday. Too bad when Robert Kennedy passed away this tradition was dropped. 


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