Crosby crossed the line. . .

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And Elle set her straight. Let’s just say after seeing Reba and Elle tail to tail the peace and tranquility had a little hiccup.

Crosby received a 5 minute major for fighting and game misconduct for her behavior.

We did think that Elle may have orchestrated to delay grooming. She really didn’t need to as the weather saved her this week. 

Last night Reba and Crosby would not walk until Elle was allowed to join them. It just happened that Elle was getting brushed.

Btw grooming didn’t happen on Thursday due to the humidity and storms in Destin. But we went along for the ride. 

Weather wise things look calm today so no need for thunder shirts.  ​

We did find a dog on the beach in Okaloosa County near Henderson Park Inn. 

Somebody had some sand fun. 

   Here are a few more views from this mornings mindful wander along the water. 




2 responses to “Don’t drink the water.”

  1. Lindsey Avatar

    When’s the grooming? The lady friends were looking forward to it.

    1. Mom Avatar

      Do you want to be the shuttle driver?

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