Reba & Crosby

Reba and Crosby welcome you to The Armstrong Trail!

We are tired of the old stuff so we are making uncle Dave publish an update. We love Elle or at lest trying to eat her food that she doesn’t finish.

Reba is ruling the walks. Despite being the eldest she has been pushing us to walk faster and sniff less while we are on the Armstrong Trail.

She’s also been trying to go for a swim. Say hello to resistance training for Les and Dave.

Can you tell Reba hates getting her picture taken.  She wants Elle to get a hair cut like her.

First and foremost! The leaves are falling and there are tons of acorns all over our back yard! We are loving the fact that all the chipmunks and squirrels think they can forage in our backyard! Little do they know that we like having them to look at, bark at and if somebody would ever open the back door chase around the yard!

This morning we had a jack rabbit fly by us and into the neighbors yard.

With the Steelers not playing today and Uncle Dave having a full soccer Saturday they both took off on us today for a cultural and networking event!YooperaMKEFilm

It turns out one of Les’ coworkers has a filmmaker for a wife! The more time we spend here the more it sounds like Pittsburgh.

This movie feels like Pittsburgh except the upper peninsula (UP) of Michigan started with miners for copper from Finland. It turns out that the people of the areas around Houghton and Rockford Michigan had a story to tell and over the course of 10 years found a way to tell the story through an opera. The movie was a documentary around the making of this opera for the UP.

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