I remember that morning in the AK valley, heading into town, listening to Howard and Pamela when Gary came in to interrupt after the first plane hit the tower. I was at the gym before work when the second plane hit. Downtown Pittsburgh was cleared out before I had to go in for work that day but I headed back to Charleroi wondering what could be next.

Funny that ideal week would be the prompt on Sept. 11.

This is not going to be an ideal week so the prompt for today is very ironic. We are road tripping back to home after a quick family weekend in Canal Winchester. After a quick game during soccerfest 2023 we packed up and headed out west with just laptops, dogs and gym clothes. Crawford had some quality time with Chloe (they/them) and Annabelle including some big kisses on her forehead. Momma dog Phoebe pointed out that Abbey Trails appears to be a good neighborhood for solar panels with all of the simple roof shapes allowing for maximum placement. Chris made us a great brunch that we learned he never did for a girl back in his marine days. Apparently you don’t bring girls back to the barracks. Chris also did not take me up on the invite to go out to Lost Lands and leave Annabelle with the girls.

We learned that Dharma and Greg works for family TV time. We learned that Chris didn’t know about TRAFFiC and it’s connection to Linds educational development. It was really odd to road trip without golf clubs especially since the Stillers did not show up on offense or defense this Sunday. Our favorite senior golfer is currently on the PuP.

We also learned that my 24th tooth had a week spot— I swear I wasn’t chewing on antlers with Phoebe.

On this American day of remembrance let’s be grateful for what we still have and for all those that make everyday special.

Describe your ideal week.

Lately I’ve been feeling the remedy is what I’m seeking but what I need is really all around me:

  • A beach
  • A Leslie
  • A boat
  • Phoebe and Crawford
  • A jungle gym on the beach in the heat, sand and sun.
  • Daily hydrotherapy
  • 8 hands couples massage
    • For the prude side all of the above can be clothing optional.
  • Dave Matthew’s Band concerts
  • OAR concert
  • Imagine Dragons concert
  • Man of La Mancha
  • Phantom of the Opera
  • Moulin Rouge
  • In room dining with
    • French
    • Peruvian
    • Sushi
    • Mexican
    • And for Phoebe and Crawford gourmet dog food.
  • Dog walks on the beach followed by day care and puppy spa time so we have tired dogs at night.
  • A deck with a hot tub so we can all chill and howl at the moon
  • For Phoebe this all has to happen without a car ride.

An ideal week sounds like that to me especially with the backing soundtrack. varying responsibilities me and my partner have been harnessing lately.

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