You live, you learn. . .

I remember the buzz back in Kennedy Hall- somehow this rock show was coming to Latrobe, PA. This Canadian singer who already had two chart topping hits came to campus. Her dance and voice were completely enthralling and captivating.

In last night’s touring production Jo- Jade McLeod completely nailed the mannerisms and voice. If you didn’t see this video you may not get it.

Many, many years later this music is scripted to a musical that takes on the stories of people all around us that we don’t realize are going on everyday. In showing what can happen while growing up in a world full of challenges that didn’t exist back in 1995 to the extent they do today . . . This isn’t your grandma’s sweet little musical it clearly discusses, depicts and does not dance around:

  • Consent
  • Sexual Assault
  • Gender acceptance
  • Rape Culture – acquaintance rape
  • Racial stereotypes
  • Drug addiction
  • Porn addiction
  • Recovery
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