November 2022 in the USA: Fox, NPR, CNN, CBS, Newsmax, Al Jazeera or Howard Stern.

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If you are living in Pennsylvania, North Carolina, Florida or Ohio you already know and likely are tired of all the messaging that controls the airwaves, your social media feeds, your email and US Mailbox. The Senate is up for grabs this November. Battleground states mentioned above are besieged by PAC and super-PAC money. Is it the candidates ad or a special interest that I’m watching and who really paid for it? What do we need to know about the Senate? Maybe the collective Senate is the second most powerful government institution in America right now. I’m pulling in my Howard Stern love, today reflection on how he crosses all paths of people. Love her or hate her Hillary really covers the Senate in this interview with Howard Stern. I love her real speak on knowing her pals in the Senate.

How do we protect our collective nervous systems from this election season overload? How do we speak with our friends and family who have filtered out their information to hear only one side? Are we being completely objective and seeking out good sources of information with data that can be checked? Are we absorbing disinformation that was designed to feed our beliefs that we have been talked into believing? Do you feel that your vote counts? Do you believe that one party is more evil than the other? Is there such a thing as building community by looking outside of our own lens? Is it possible to listen, believe and regurgitate to all who will listen to the bobble head Jesus stance? Believe it or not the song below was written almost 20 years ago when we went after Iraq post 9/11, but still applies to our current situation.

This song came out during a previous get out the vote campaign.

At the beginning of the world wide web I had to always check my resources whenever I was doing any research work in college. That was when we were just figuring out how to share information and collaborate with this new tool that finally was in the academia after it was started by the military. Then commerce and search engines latched onto this new tool. I invested right out of college in several companies that grew thanks to the web. I learned how to utilize GIS technology and about it’s possibility to improve utilities, taxation, environmental and demographic data collection, but having some political science background understood the future potential of this new tool. Knowledge is power and data can trump knowledge. Starting out after college in the world of work during this time frame was very interesting as we were going from the way things were to the way things would be. . .

I remember living with P.A. after the September 11 attacks and listening to his views at ninety-something as to how we as the United States under Bush 2 should approach the world. Watching first the loss of life, then the shake up of our way of life that one day in New York, Washington and Pennsylvania changed the focus of this country forever. Since then the military-industrial complex has continued to expand exponentially. The surveillance state has creeped into our everyday lives and even local policing. We’ve even tried a go-it-alone approach to an interconnected world. Our supply chain is global. Our corporations operate globally. Our food supply relies on global trade.

Why am I going off on this tangent? Maybe it’s because I always say you need to ask why, why, why and why before accepting a statement or answer. I find some of the statements I’m hearing today require multiple whys!

Why am I at the vet? Do I need my boosters? Really?

Have you ever played the shell game on the Price is Right or find the baseball under the ball cap shuffle? I keep listening to the ads prior to the upcoming election about one party looking to increase taxes, while the other wants to cut social programs. I find this really funny because not all taxes are called taxes. Living in Pennsylvania we have school, county and local property taxes, toll roads, gas taxes, death/inheritance taxes, capital gains, wage, other income, sales, Federal taxes for income, estate, capital gains taxes and yes tariffs. Why does this matter? The largest tax increase ever was imposed on the citizens of the United States under a go-it-alone approach while we pretended to pass along tax breaks in 2017. Check the data, just because your tax income taxes went down, doesn’t mean your overall tax burden went down. Tariffs are taxes on everyday items that you purchase that get passed down to the consumer. Increasing tariffs before being able to supply items competitively domestically.

Where does Howard Stern come in? Some days we need to step away from all the noise that is going on and focus on what brings us joy and connection to each other. We need to understand that life happens and sometimes we grow from those events, sometimes our artists need to sing or make comedy out of real human tragedy. Howard the enemy of the religious right back in his broadcast radio days has become a Howard of questioning and listening.

Are we really listening? Or have we picked sides and closed our hearts, minds and ears to each other? I’ve picked coaching kids as my way of reaching out to our next generation. While teaching the sport I love, my main goal is to focus on teamwork, collaboration, decision making and creating a community of success builders. I realize that keeping an open door and open ears has allowed me to introduce others to a future where we all are team builders.

Can we all pray together? For those of the Christian belief here’s a special version from Farm Aid. Let’s start thinking more like our land’s native inhabitants. Focus on doing things with an outcome over seven generations and not the current fiscal quarter. We are all humans, we are all on this same planet, we all breathe the air and drink the water. Think global, act local!

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