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The year is 2022 and we have just crossed from summer into fall. Our little bundle of pyrenees and golden joy is celebrating his first fall. If you meet him, if you are around him, if you get to spend a weekend with him, just remember we all need to call him Crawford. Not Mr. Handsome, Crawfish, Crawbaby, Baby Pyr or big trouble, he needs to understand that he is only Crawford. He needs to master answering to Crawford and only Crawford. He needs to know that his room is for napping and not punishment. He still is growing and after a morning walk and breakfast he usually needs a nap. Thanks to today’s nap, I finally finished publishing this post while watching CBS Sunday Morning. This Sunday I was reminded of our 2023 calendar theme- “When you give, you begin to live!” as per You Might Die Trying by DMB. Why the reminder? There was the segment with Mitch Albom on Tuesdays with Morrie. Considering how close this story has been to our family ever since 2016, it was a very touching reminder.

OK back to baby life or more appropriately teenage life with Mr. Crawford. It’s really exhausting for his humans and sister Phoebe. When he shows up at a party that is already a 7 out of 10, he brings a 20 out of 10 energy level. That is what makes him so loveable.

He’s starting to grow his coat in and the squirrels of Aspinwall are dive bombing him with nuts every morning outside of ABC. He’s still working on his reactiveness. Some days are much better than others. He is a handling challenge to stay one step ahead of his Baby Pyr brain, but when handled correctly meeting Mia, Daisy, Bella, Luna and Willow can be very enriching. The soccer season of coaching is almost finished, but the referee season continues. My schedule has not been the best for his training or regular workouts. Add in the need to clean and wax the boat before we get one more fall foliage weekend cruise and finding time to train Crawford to be a chill pup has been limited.

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