Welcome to 2022- Q2. Spring 2022 where new life begins to sprout everywhere in Pittsburgh. Easter Season 2022. Baseball season 2022. 😜 weather season everywhere 2022.

Phoebe and I have been a little busy to start this month. We were enjoying the walks, dog parks and my work schedule. Then the bunny and birds showed up in the backyard. Yes the bunny, eating all the greens and hiding under the deck. Now we have a very scratchy, itchy puppy who must have been chasing the bunny into the rose bush. Right now Ms. Phoebe is in R & R mode.

The current path forward is following my 2021 outline- outreach is continuing into this year through soccer. Funny how in a World Cup year the world has so many crazy things going on!

Where have I been? Columbus, East Brady, Charleroi and Penguin games. Why so many places?

Indoor Soccer in East Brady has completed for now and I’m waiting for the weather to allow us to start U8 soccer in Plum. Referee recertification is official and the assignor’s are calling. Unfortunately, the referee role is on hold as I’ve committed to the US Soccer Coaching course currently in process. I’ve also added in an U8 team to coach and the fields are still closed from all those April showers. Office hours for my day job have been added to 222 and we’ve even had a session on WhatsApp to connect a few older cousins. Overall things are shaping up in Charleroi and East Brady for this summer. q

I’m trying my best to do my part in my little world but as a global citizen I have to take note of the bigger picture.

Boys and Girls- Welcome to this Joyride!

Mid-term elections for Congress in the US, with a house and senate full of obstruction and states being gerrymandered. Macron and Marine LePen battling out in France. Yes even Mexico has to get in on the chaos with a recall-referendum on Andrés Manuel López Obrador. If t 

War in Ukraine!

Russian people believing their soldiers are liberating the people of Ukraine.

Gasoline, Natural Gas, Oil prices are all up. Does this sound familiar?

Joyride revisited.

I remember when the internet was just becoming a key way to research the motto was check your sources. Looking at what is going on in Pennsylvania, the United States and the World. We now have Senate Candidates, a former US President and a dictator all spinning their stories and spreading their fake news.


Check your resources, make change in your own neighborhood and dance like nobody is watching.

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