I found this old thought in my drafts and thought now was a good time to let it see the light of publication.

We (the human global collective) are well along in our Covid-19 Marathon. While some countries have made some progress in vaccinating their vulnerable population and others are reaching out to vaccinate their entire population, the world is just passing the 13.1 mark. Mentally some of us have had our struggles, some have found a way to pivot and a few have been able to flourish with the lockdowns, no eating in a restaurant, no air travel, no in-person sporting events, no live music and no Broadway.

We’ve learned that in battling this airborne pathogen, isolation, mask wearing indoors and outdoor exercise are all effective tools in preventing the spread. We’ve learned that various governments have struggled due to inconsistent messaging from the start. Who should we trust for information? Our Federal Government? A foreign government? Our state or local government? The University of Michigan School of Public Health?

What can we do to create a community of wellcare instead of focus on sick care? Getting people out of cars and riding bikes for those last few miles of the commute is a start. Reinvesting in traditional downtowns for people to live, work and shop in over interstate sprawl demands humans move on foot instead of by car. Name one uncontrolled cost that faces all business in the United States. USA Facts actually note our national expenditures on health care. https://usafacts.org/data/topics/people-society/health/healthcare-expenditures/healthcare-expenditures-as-of-gdp/

I can’t watch CNN, FOX, Newsmax or CBS without hearing about this infrastructure bill. One of the biggest hangups when people say infrastructure is their brains our trained to think THINGS, PLACES, ROADS, BUILDINGS, STADIUMS, AIRPORTS. . . Most American’s can’t see or measure a contribution to human capital. . . If we want to cut back on our healthcare costs, why don’t we have a plan for building parks, providing senior and childcare? Would this not contribute to our overall human wellcare?

Creating community gardens to reconnect neighborhoods? Finding ways to serve others. Sharing our talents to encourage the next generation of leaders to put their best foot forward? Sometime we need to think outside of our routine.

Laughter always helps. Unfortunately when life becomes so bizarre you can’t laugh it off, one must ask who is running this country? If you are listening to the talking boxes or the memes, tweets or bots, remember they are designed to entertain, captivate and keep you watching. Step away and think what have we learned from not connecting on the simplest level?

You Learn on Broadway, via tiny desk.

Tell me one thing you would do to start thinking of well care! My past 48 hours have been focused on this topic thanks to the unpredictability of life.

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