Trying to understand Ms. Crosby.

It is October in Pennsylvania but the weather still feels like summer. Uncle Dave added in hydration breaks to last nights game to attempt to prevent late game cramping. Crosby’s coat can’t decide weather to stay in or shed. Between the river and home she’s been having some health issues so Phoebe decided to drive her to the doctors. Funny thing is— when Phoebe took her in, Phoebe started shaking like a thunderstorm was approaching.

Weight wise Crosby hasn’t changed much,mobility wise she’s been getting out on Seybertown and Field Ave. with Phoebe and pushing about .85 miles daily. Today’s car ride the two of them took over the front seat as uncle Dave napped on the detoured road to Monongahela.

The good news is we just chilled and waited to do the full blood work and X-ray to rule out anything major.


One response to “Trying to understand Ms. Crosby.”

  1. Avery had her annual check up today, and she’s lost a little weight, her lungs sound great, fully blind in one eye and mostly so in the other, heart murmur continues and heart sounds a little more stressed – but not badly. All in all, if she really is 17, she’s in “pretty good shape for the shape she’s in”. She, and we, are hoping you hear only good news for Ms. Crosby.

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