Crosby & Phoebe

Brunswick to DC for DP.

My buddy Daryl, did his 2nd Pittsburgh to DC ride this past week. Due to my life, soccer and work commitments I could only join him on the last day. I thought about staying with him in Harper’s Ferry, but then though that 50 miles sounded better than 64 for one day. When I realized I had a chance to stay in a building that is almost off the grid–lockhouse number 28 along the C&O Towpath without AC, running water, flush toilets or electricity the decision for staying in Point of Rocks was final. The time before trucks and rail the race was on to build a canal between Washington, DC and the Ohio River. The Canal was never completed beyond Cumberland, but the marvel still remains and is a National Park.

That rustic, spirited Canal Quarters Lock House #28 along the C&O Towpath near Point of Rocks Maryland. Getting out with friends even if it was 95 degrees outside.
NO electricity, but the iPhone camera can still record. Is it that ghost movie or a bad commercial? Do you eat SAD? Do you know what SAD is? Do you have a battle with food you would like to share?

Needless to say, we rode past the White House and Lincoln Monument on our way to the Capital One Center to get our retal car.

MARC headed to DC from Harpers Ferry. . .
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