Dear World,

We are all in this together. We are all on this one sweet world and no matter how many miles away we may be from from Sao Paulo, Tequisquiapan, Laguna Beach, Malaysia, Warsaw, Sicily or Wuhan we are all fighting this one coronavirus. Globally some of us still have very high Covid-19 infection rates. In first world countries we are still facing, over stressed hospitals, lockdowns, disconnected social networks, vaccine hesitancy, or lack of vaccine distribution. In third world countries we are dealing with infection variant spikes, housing where people can’t social distance, no oxygen supplies, makeshift hospital wards burning and issues with limited health care and minimal access to WHO approved vaccines. Yes, this pandemic is focused on physical health care. Our health care systems are continuing to see critical patients in need of medical treatments and vital sign support. Yes it is first focused on physical health, but we also need to be open with each other about what is going on with our mental health.

Lockdowns have spotlighted fragile systems for supporting people with mental health issues. Work closures and government payments provided a glimpse of how widespread poverty is in our own neighborhoods. Schools moving to remote learning have pointed out the disparities in Pennsylvania between the cities and rural areas with adoption to technology and internet connectivity. Outdoor eating orders and no-fans in sporting events have greatly disrupted social routines that allowed many people to relax and recharge for the next day. Some of us manage our anxiety and depression through exercise–with gyms and sports leagues cancelled for so long– did you gain a covid 20 or spend too much time viewing Ozark? What about touch? Do you miss the human connection of something as simple as a hug? Let’s just say everything about every way we used to connect has been disrupted and staying connected required a certain type of resiliency.

It is OK to admit we don’t have all the answers.

It is OK to ask for help.

It is OK to admit that we are not alright.

Keep your listening ears open.

Keep your heart open.

Keep using all the tools in your tool belt to survive.

If you are flourishing through this – reach out to your friends and family.


I’m grateful for my teammate in life, my family, friends, extended family, zoom, Crosby, Phoebe, Elle and live rides with Kendall @jesskingnyc and CDE.

If you made it this far. . . and want to know whether you are flourishing the New York Times has this little article and quiz.

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