Leslie knows caulking. . .

Go ahead ask me what we did this weekend?

There is nothing like starting your weekend with a tree down on the power line from the high winds and no lights or heat in the cottage. There is also nothing like committing to 3 competitive soccer games on a Saturday afternoon. If only everything lined up in Karns City instead of Munhall the hybrid driving would not have been needed. Needless to say heading to the city allowed for the extra trip to the home improvement store to pick up more paint brushes and caulking tools. The great thing about the internet is sometimes you learn that there are better ways to complete a job. You can learn the prep involved for the new job will take a lot longer if you don’t have the right tools in your toolbelt before starting the job. Instead of soaking up the rays on the deck, it was time to dig out the old grout and watch This Old House.

The weather was up in the 80’s on Sunday, but the water was still very high and flowing rapidly after the storms from earlier in the week. There is a certain appeal to playing chase Phoebe and Crosby from room to room with the Shark. The girls are two peas in a pod when it comes to avoiding the vacuum cleaner and finding a couch to curl up on.

Phoebe and Crosby met Sadie on their weekend walk. Crosby led the walk that morning in hopes that she could say hello to her boyfriend, he was away with his humans for graduation. While trying to sniff out his house, they saw a big old red dog zoom by on her golf cart. We caught up to Sadie and said our hello while she sat in her cart.

Meanwhile on the golf course, oh wait, at Campbell Field in Munhall the soccer was happening and I managed to log another 10 miles on the pitch. My ongoing observation of this level of soccer in Pittsburgh continued. We (the region of Pittsburgh) do not have a diverse soccer development program. The pay-to-play nature of these competitive league keeps missing that this is an international game that can be played by anybody. This week is now the 3rd straight week with a referee report submitted, this time for play on the field. The biggest lesson from this weekend’s soccer is that a 20 minute cool down ride on the bike with Dennis and a little CDE stretch really helped with the Sunday soreness. Remind me when I work with a certain GK again to reinforce his need to be a better communicator. I’m guessing this is a sign that age is catching up to me. . .after a three game set.

Spring is happening, the rivers rise, the trees bloom and the eyes keep watering.

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