A full year into the Covid-19 Pandemic and Crosby has finally had it. After lock down’s and no humans flying off to leave her with Uncle Dennis & Paula or Aunt Linds, Ms. Crosby wasn’t sure she could mentally handle being the only dog in the house to spread her magical fibers of love. There is such a thing in the dog world where one doge can really be tired of being around her humans too much. Ms. Crosby reached out to Bridge to Home Animal Rescue to see if they had any other girl dogs to join her pack. Last week BTHAR called and asked Crosby if she wanted to meet Phoebe. Ms. Phoebe was rescued from another shelter after giving birth and nursing her puppy’s since the beginning of 2021. Now that most of her pup’s were adopted it was time for Phoebe to find her new home.

Crosby thought that Phoebe was just the right partner to share love, walks and a place at the foot of the human bed each night. Since Phoebe joined the pack Crosby has typically been going on multiple walks daily for over 2 miles. Crosby and Phoebe have even had a howl-ling hounds competition to see what mom would do when they kept howling. Crosby has taught Phoebe how to ride in a car as a solo dog, but hasn’t yet persuaded her to join the Instagram Live shows. After only a week the two of them both rate hedgehogs as the best squeek, but Phoebe’s duck runs a close second.

Despite the 10 year age difference they both seem to appreciate each others pace.

One response to “Ms. Phoebe has joined Crosby’s pack.”

  1. bmcindoe Avatar

    The two together on the couch says it all.

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