Attention all want to be Riley’s River Rats, it’s time to step up to a new challenge.

While 2021 continues to be an extension of 2020 with Covid-19 still raging war on us humans, ALS doesn’t stop, so neither will we when it comes to raising funds for research and PALS support. After successfully raising over $1000 as a team to #FIGHTNF and running in our undies, this one should be much easier. If you walk, run, swim, bike, paddle, skate, lift weights, take classes or whatever you can join our team and log in your work as part of this challenge.

We are #RileysRiverRats. We’ve rallied for ALS since our family was personally touched by ALS in 2016 and learned to adapt to the challenges faced daily. Thanks for visiting our team page. We are challenging ALS and making a difference in the lives of those impacted by this devastating disease. We are a part of Team Challenge ALS because we are committed to raising money and awareness to support people right in our community who are living with ALS. The time is now to join us and help us push towards a treatment and a cure.

Test your strength, push your limits, and fight ALS with us!  Join Team Challenge ALS or make a donation towards our goal today. Or even better – do both!

Join our team and become a part of Team Challenge ALS
Simply click the “Join Team” link on our team page and join our roster.

If you need something to train for and actual human interaction the team captain has drawn up a week long East Brady biathlon challenge in June 2021. Our actual biathlon will be a perfect cocktail- one part land and one part water. For the land part you can: Run, Skateboard, Walk, Bike, Rollerskate, Rollerblade, while your water portion will be on or in the Allegheny: swim, SUP, kayak, float, paddleboat with a partner.

Thanks again to all of yinz out there that supported our Cupid’s Charity, Undie Run 2021.

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