What happens when you take a shot and it hits a defender?

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That Super Bowl halftime show moment where we learned Janet Jackson had a pierced nipple?

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What the mobsters were always able to do whenever the feds tried to prosecute?

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What is the tone of two town halls?

If I landed in the United States for the first time in four years and didn’t know who the current POTUS was, I’d definitely be confused by the tone of the two candidates on their separate town hall events. After listening to all of the deflection from the Don, I really felt lots of anxiety listening to his tone as undecided voters were asking questions. This same tone was the one he used back in the day when he’d call in as two different people to the Howard Stern show or the New York Post. Crosby’s nerves are still on edge after listening to the responses.

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What is scary about these two differing tones? Since our President refused to do a virtual debate, the country is stuck with two separate conversations that they had to decide between instead of getting an actual debate. The worst part about this is that most people are tuning out one of the two voices based on their preference. Instead of hearing the best of both men the path is to stick to our current choice for this upcoming election without actually 🤔 thinking.

If you are beginning to wonder about Hunter today after the NY Post report, you really need to listen up.

And if you’ve seen Rudy talking all about this on the news, you need to <a rel="noreferrer noopener" href="http://<iframe frameborder="0" scrolling="no" height="130" width="100%" src="https://www.wnyc.org/widgets/ondemand_player/wnycstudios/#file=/audio/json/892930/&share=1">understand a little more about him. I’m not trying to say I that everything Rudy or the Don has done up to this point is not on the up and up, but when a fake news, NPR station and ProPublica take a deep dive like Trump Inc, there are definitely some questions that need to be asked. It is a long listen as it has been going on since the beginning of the Don’s term.

Luckily the Don was done before the decency, so Crosby can crawl under her blanket and go back to sleep. 😴

I’m officially done, this Allegheny County voter has sent in his ballot and it has been received, if only the state would allow this voter’s vote to be counted before Election Day we may be able to get quicker results. You will notice that half of the Democratic absentees were returned already.

This is just a reminder to get informed, you have a few more days to register to vote in PA and vote either absentee, early or in Person on Election Day. Let’s demand transparency and do our part to keep democracy in America despite what our gangs have done to it.

2 responses to “deflection or decency?”

  1. bmcindoe Avatar

    After a mess up by the contractor, our incorrect absentee ballots were replaced with the correct ones, completed and dropped off at the official drop box. We are done, too! Except of course for Tom’s work passing out sample Democratic ballots at voting headquarters and our anxiety ridden, sleepless nights.

    1. dpankiewicz Avatar

      It is what it is!?!? God and guns and little red birds, god and guns and little red birds.

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