This is overdue considering my normal routine of BodyTech, Planet Fitness or lap swimming has been interrupted by Covid-19. First I realized that going to the gym wasn’t the best idea with an airborne pathogen going around. Then the governor issued the official closure order. I’m glad I realized that was coming before the rest of America as I needed to upgrade a dumbbell or two and add in a bosu ball to complete the tiny home gym. I can safely say, this will likely continue to be my workout plan for the next 60-days as I’m still in the mindset that social distancing is going to be key for the near future. While I’m still doing the cardio training for soccer, I’m not sure that will be on my schedule for the fall. Not really sure large gatherings are still going to be the best idea in the fall.

So what have we been doing?

Crosby get’s walked twice a day. We are on the Elkhound Exercise Plan. She’s working off her Pre-Covid 10 and I’m now doing the AM ride with either @JessKingNYC @emmalovewell @iamicaniwillido or @jmethod to jump start the activity rings. After the evening do walk it’s then time for either a chest&back, Bootay &Quadzillas, or Boulders&Arms, always finished off with bosu crunches. Usually one night a week–> Thursday is the Jess King Experience and time for a late night ride, then Saturday is the Ride at Home.

Why does all this moving matter? We are humans and our bodies are designed to be in motion. However if going out among the public is currently a bad idea so finding ways to keep moving while staying physically distant is one way to keep life feeling normal.

The Covid19 equipment.




The puppy

thompson fatbells


Not sure if you watch the Ted Talks, but this one is short, sweet and to the point of keeping active for a smarter brain.

Ok so this moving thing really seems easy, right – so where do I start?

But wait that really isn’t the American way right? McD’s, K-TacoHut, and somehow we moved these crazy fake food places to south of the border. For a country that can grow just about anything, anytime of the year, it’s scary to know that our American non-nutrition is having an impact on our friends to the south, however now that may be helping kill our neighbors to the south.

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