Or maybe 1918?!?! I know for most of us this lockdown to prevent Covid-19 spread seems very extreme. Depending on where you sit your state may have abandoned the lockdown at only 8 weeks or you may be continuing this until August. I can tell you my soccer blocks are up through August as that really isn’t that important at this time. Listening to Dr. Fauci is really amazing since he doesn’t sugar coat anything- you realize that this current moment in time is one of those moments where we are all in it together and learning about Covid-19 each day. Mentally we are also learning about ourselves and what makes life special. I’ll spare y’all the history from 1918 when the US could not clearly communicate what was going on due to WWI. I’d like to think that at this moment with social media and technology we can be open, honest and smart enough not to repeat the mistakes of a nation at war.

On the what’s going on front:

Dog walks have been on point. Ms. Crosby is really looking ready for swimsuit season as the walks and new food plan appear to making her one trip old lady. As far as my workouts without a gym– The Bosu Ball, Peloton and dumbbells are covering all the key muscle groups. I’m only two rides away from my 250 mark. The kettlebell swing is becoming my new full body workout. I’m really glad I expanded my home gym back when we were living in Charleroi, since you can’t find any weights anywhere on interwebs.

Speaking of signs of the time–> Dee Dee has an iPhone and can now face time. . . Yes it is 2020. Thanks to my friend over at the Good Shepherd Lutheran Church in Monroeville we found out that some high school thespians have taken to the Radio via YouTube in Minnesota. This quarantine is sparking some old radio play creativity.https://youtu.be/VoaCZt7eLT4

In case you venture to the beaches in the Panhandle remember that you always need to respect nature as this spearfisherman was reminded.

As I write this Crosby is doing her evening serenade. I really wished I could also get her to beat on a drum and strum a guitar. Since the Dave Matthews Band has cancelled their 2020 tour, it’s been concerts on the couch lately. We watched Imagine Dragons from that Farm Aid we went to in Chicago. We’ve even watched some BNL. Since we are all in much smaller spaces I thought the NPR Tiny Desk made sense, here’s a pretty crazy one from The Lumineers.

After seeing that packed office concert, you may want to rethink going forward how many people you want to share an indoor space with in the world with an aerosolized Covid-19. As scientists review the virus and it’s ability to travel further than 6 feet when introduced to ventilation systems that really poses a new question for the future of hockey games, restaurants, movie theaters and open concept office space. This was today’s lunch conversation, definitely a little more serious than we’d like, but still pretty real considering everybody is in a hurry to get back to the old world.

In case you were thinking of going out and about, here’s a pretty good live tracker to make you understand how our American get up and go lifestyle has contributed to our numbers. Stay home, work however you can and stay safe. . .Our friends in Racine and Kenosha have become the new hotspot now that they have open and free Covid-19 testing. It really looks surreal with the National Guard doing the testing.

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