I will be your bodyguard if you call me Al. .WA WA WA WA, WAH WAH, WAHHH. No we are not there for a Paul Simon concert, but instead a little exploratory trip. What better way to go from PIT to NYC, than by flying direct into EWR! This is definitely the greatest city in the US and not needing a car to get from point to point is one of the best parts of it.

First there is something about that train ride from EWR through Newark and on to Penn Station. Then that big old walk from Penn Station to the hotel of the week or day. Yes walking is the way to get around certain parts of the city, the other best option is the subway, but as long as we were having clear skies and 60 degrees.

Walk to the event followed by a jaunt to the Peloton Studio for cycling.
Ride in Studio with Emma Lovewell
Ride powered by NYC Doughnut Plant
Comparing in studio vs home numbers.

Yes, since I had a little time to explore the city I figured a workout at the cycle studio would really put the at home experience in order. Definitely interesting to see how the instructor frames the class first to the camera and then at times to the darkened room.

There is something magical about Broadway, this time around we made time for Dear Evan Hansen and The Book of Mormon. Two completely different topics and energy levels for musicals. Great performers, great little old theaters. Definitely a nice little change up from Moulin Rouge

Dear Evan Hansen with a 16 year old lead.
Hello I’m elder . . .
The Garden
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