Yes we had heavy downpours last night as Pittsburgh was setting off its 4th fireworks. Yes we had heavy rain; less than 6 miles away Pittsburgh somehow set off fireworks even though the United Soccer League (USL)- Pittsburgh vs North Carolina game was in a lightning delay until 11pm.  From a safety standpoint us dogs like the USL’s approach better than the city of Pittsburgh. We don’t like the on and off power, but we did enjoy hearing the Capital Steps. Luckily it downloaded before we lost the power during the Boston Pop’s Fireworks. TV Fireworks are awesome as dogs, since we don’t hear the bang. If only the thunder wasn’t booming.

As a dog these slow moving storm systems need to blow away. We are following USL rules when it comes to dog walking, so we are still inside. That’s why we woke our humans up at 2am for a potty trip. Yes we also woke them about 5am when current storm system popped up.

05July AM Radar

In case you are wondering as we age we normally don’t walk down to Delafield anymore, but according to the news it is flooded again.

Delafield Flooded again this week.

While our thunder shirts are very slimming, we are tired of the shaking. Our porch and sidewalk are tired of all the rain as our poor hanging baskets are not happy.

We are lucky and grateful that we are not having the issues some of our neighbors and would love to go over and be support animals when the water and lightning stop.


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