Could the Allegheny River be on the verge of getting new technology? Or could Potter County be the location for the next clean water environmental camp?OK, maybe not it’s not going to be in East Brady, but definitely in Coudersport. It looks like the battle started over a year ago and the PA DEP is finally getting around to hearings for the needed permits to discharge treated frack water  into the Allegheny River via the municipal treatment plant in Coudersport.

The water yesterday was a perfect picture with the snow, sun and wind. This morning the sky is clear and amazing, minus a little lighting pollution from a three doors down, not the band! IMG_5703

Now the local municipalities are starting to object and the Post-Gazette picked up on the story.

The discharge battle continues.

Let’s start putting together the story:

  • Who: Epiphany Water Solutions- a Pittsburgh based company that has developed and marketed water treatment products for the world to drink and for the fracking world.
  • The other who: A Drilling company that only has holdings in Potter County: JKLM. Here’s the JKLM open letter and mission statement.
  • Why: Fracking uses a lot of water and the water is mixed with everything needed to get the gas or oil out of the ground. The sweetened water needs a place to go after it’s been used and has been trucked to various municipal waste areas without this additional water.
  • Where: Coudersport, PA on the Allegheny RiverCoudersport to EastBrady
  • Similar to the EB mural.coudersport mural
  • What: Here’s the video that explains the on-site process for a well pad. I’d like to see the explanation sending it to a wastewater treatment facility.
  • Impact of not treating: It looks like there have already been signs of it on the Allegheny River in 2018. See story from the PG.

It appears that Epiphany WS tells a great global story and brings manufacturing jobs to Pennsylvania. In reviewing the team at Epiphany they have a fellow Charleroi HS grad. I wonder if he goes fishing or would like to SUP with me and check on the mussels. That would put a spin on one of Patsy’s photos!

Quick search on the topic just using the PG:

EPA 2015 looks to ban frack wastewater at treatment plants.

JKLM Timeline

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    Guess who

    CComment to follow later you are too impetuous about what they’re doing. It may be a good thing rather than dumping it wherever, sewage plant or back in the ground.

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