During the whirlwind settling in process sometimes it’s good to take a minute, breathe and be grateful for those people that make up who we are and what we have begun.

Yes that means we were left alone to slumber in between the Pittsburgh rains. That may even be sun.

But we did send something in today’s mail.

Ok for the people- we had a little Arrigo get together in Washington. I believe the younger cousins were photobombed.

The muscles y linguini were spot on at Angelo’s.

Then we heard that Fitz and Grace came to celebrate some old geezers birthday. We may need to crash the party. Team Riley’s River Rats we picked up late donation for Cupid’s Charities. Thanks Hil!

In regards to breathing- a quick shout out to the awesome MKE people. Thanks @healiumhotyoga and for being so great.

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