Year 41 began with a move back to Pennsylvania. It also began my journey in changing up my workouts to improve mobility using the pool and yoga. I remember learning to swim in my cousin’s pool with the Charleroi’s Polar Bear, Gus Brickner, Sr and I remember hating to swim when I had to for gym class. I figured this was a good change up to all the soccer running I get in as a referee.

Here’s the pool list and counting:

Mon Valley YMCA, Charleroi, PA

  1. Regatta Bay Tennis and Pool Club, Destin, FL
  2. Marquette University Rec Plex, Milwaukee, WI
  3. Aquatic Center in Destin, Destin, FL
  4. Olympic Pool and Fitness Center, Penn Hills, PA
  5. Pullen Park Aquatic Center, Raleigh, NC
  6. Optimist Pool, Raleigh, NC
  7. Triangle Aquatic Center, Cary, NC
  8. In Progress


Then there are the places that I’ve swam that really don’t count as a workout.

  1. Allegheny River, Bradys Bend, PA
  2. Gulf of Mexico, Destin, FL
  3. In Progress

And of course since I’m back in Pittsburgh, Pools that I need to swim:

  1. Highland Park Pool, Pittsburgh, PA
  2. Carnegie Library and Athletic Club of Homestead, Homestead, PA
  3. Panama City Beach Aquatic Center, Panama City Beach, FL
  4. In Progress


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