Greetings all- it’s time to re-post/publish those holiday recipes that we all love now in 2023. The world is at war on two fronts with the war in Russia and Ukraine creating uncertainty in Europe, and now Israel going into Palestine after Hamas reigniting a conflict that was created by the British post World War II. The far east power play of China post-Covid looking to expand into Taiwan still looms as we’ve reached the point where the world has forgotten many of the lessons we learned from previous wars. These are items that were covered by Mr. Mills and Manoli back at Saint Vincent College way back in 1996. Funny the way it is that in the world the same patterns repeat themselves over time. While I cannot control any of this I can continue to practice gratitude for the people and puppies in my life. Sorry Chloe, you almost killed me on the drive to Destin. I completed my third season as a girls middle school soccer coach. The gift of the game keeps on giving me joy and opportunities to unite humans on the pitch 40 years after I started playing. This HS season really kept me moving and now I’m looking for ways to develop more coaches and mentor future referees.

Now that we had a family pre-Thanksgiving holiday we will have a much smaller table this year here in Pittsburgh. I’m still going to grill a stuffed bird this week, just not on turkey day. The steps still need to be raised in East Brady and the Pens play the Leafs so we have a date night with Jeff at the PPG Paints Arena. Let’s go Pens.

This year I’m adding the pumpkin cupcake recipe for future reference.

Peace and Love, Peace and Love, more football and more Dave, more love.

Arrigo Stuffing/Dressing

  • Modifications made using food processor and GF modifications:
    • 2# Freedom Farms Ground Beef
    • 2# Freedom Farms Italian Sausage
    • 1/2 # butter salted
    • 9 carrots, peeled, shredded
    • 6 celery sticks, shredded
    • 2 green pepper, shredded
    • 9 eggs
    • 3 cups rice
      • (omit 10 slices of bread for GF)
  • Cook Sausage in Oven 325, 10 minutes, grind in food processer.
  • Cook ground beef separately, brown and mix with sausage.
  • Melt butter, saute carrots, green pepper, celery
  • Cook rice
  • Toss all item together (mix)
  • Place in buttered casserole, butter on top, heat in oven for 30 minutes at 325.
  • Serve.
    • Let me note my gratitude for the food processor instead of chopping like the great aunts did years ago.
    • Turkey with gravy (w/o for Gluten Free (GF)) 🦃
    • Arrigo Dressing (GF)
    • Corn Casserole or Buttered Corn (GF) 🌽
    • Green Beans (GF)
    • Mashed Potatoes (GF)
    • Pumpkin Cupcakes 🧁

2020 notes

Thanks to Covid-19, the American way, the lack of consideration for fellow man, people who don’t wear masks, those that couldn’t pass up Halloween Parties, DJT superspreader events before Nov. 2 we will need to continue to celebrate together but apart. Outdoors and not in after 14-day quarantines and better Covid-19 testing. Hopefully by Thanksgiving 2021 we will be able to go about life in a more normal way with the assistance and acceptance of a vaccine.

The pumpkin cupcakes. . .

What you need:

  • Cupcakes
    • 2 cups SUGAR
    • 1 cup SALAD OIL
    • 2 cups PUMPKIN
    • 2 cups FLOUR
    • 2 tsp CINNAMON
    • 2 tsp BAKING SODA
    • 1/2 tsp SALT (NaCl)

Combine all ingredients in a large bowl. Turn into cupcake tin lined with paper. Bake at 350F in over for approximately 35 minutes.

  • Icing
    • 1 stick BUTTER GRASS FED
    • 1 box (?) SUGAR POWDERED
    • 8 oz CREAM CHEESE (softened)
    • USUALLY OMMITED ( 1 CUP CHOPPED NUTS- to sprinkle on top )

Blend all ingredients in mixer and spread on top of cooled cake. If you like nuts- sprinkle on top. . . .

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