Normally when Elle is with us, she will run to the door to join Phoebe and Crawford for their WALKS. As soon as Phoebe does her WOO WOO, Elle would follow behind and ask to go too. This house visit however Elle is taking on an extreme mop role, very much like right before Milky White expires in Sondheim’s “Into the Woods.” Watching Elle get off the couch and when she goes from the tile of the kitchen to the hardwood of the kennel/dining room, she really moves like the puppet version of Milky White with legs flailing in all directions.

Crawford and Phoebe are wrestling, walking, barking and even wooing at the fire siren. Elle has joined them in creating added noise, confirming my beliefs on how Crawford’s puppy training was undone in one cruise week. We’ve also learned that Elle likes having fresh dog food. This week she did more than sample the following home cooked meals and her body appeared to appreciate this dietary upgrade.

Apologies if you didn’t realize this would be a dog post and thought we were talking about world issues after all the United States, Soviet Union, Russian and other gulf states have done to decimate the society of Afghanistan. Would you really expect Phoebe and Crawford to go completely political and not share stories on behalf of their fellow perros?

Crawford did want you to listen up on his his namesakes history the Pittsburgh Crawfords that played in the Negro National League since this was featured on Fresh Air.

Fresh Air 10 July 2023
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