So we opened up our home to a really good friend the other night and Phoebe was on guard from her first step inside our door. If you have ever come into Phoebe’s house or one of her visiting Bed and breakfasts you will notice Phoebe doesn’t respond well to fast movements of little boys or women. If you try moving too many things within her field of vision she will often hit you with her special bark that will make you jump out of your shoe and make your heart skip a beat.

Why? Who? Trauma? What’s going down!?!

We wrote about uncovering her trauma triggers last Thanksgiving.

We have been spending our Wednesday’s day training with Vinnie at Say it Once to better understand Phoebe’s ability to adapt to new environments and people with the help of Mr. Crawford. The best thing about the day training is it allows them both to navigate their reactions to other dogs and within a neutral location. We will be testing our skills at evolving this week with our first family days at Say it Once for overnight boarding.

One new game we’ve developed is Peloton and Place. Since we learned both Phoebe and Crawford can share a jumbo dog bed in a room with other dogs on place for up to an hour. We’ve taken this practice of place to our dining room and now do Peloton and Place with Emma, Jess and Christine. So far we’ve succeeded in using the exercise and place to improve Crawford’s focus.

About our non-Atlas Coffee Club coffee from Guatemala. It is well roasted and grown in a country that has many challenges to it’s people.

About celebrating each day! We’ve been on a little battle to keep hockey awesome in Pittsburgh. Unfortunately the microchips were not the problem, so back to troubleshooting and focusing on a corroded reader. At this time we need to ask for your prayers for our fellow Penguin fan and the our friend who came to visit us as both of their families have a big challenge these next few days.

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