4 items to think about?

  1. Hockey season is over for the Pittsburgh Penguins. I’m grateful we were able to play any season this year considering what North America is still going through with Covid-19.
  2. The US has a housing problem. Ask Ryan, you may find out it’s more about local politics and zoning than it is about building. You may also realize that the people that build awesome homes don’t have the skills to market, bundle and finance those homes like the Pulte’s, Ryan and Heartlands. You will see there are all types of new ways to build. Can you print a house?
  3. What do we do with all the homes that are still good in places that don’t have the population, can we provide incentives to promote remote work and house people in those vacant homes? Have you driven through the East Hills or Wilkinsburg lately? How does that compare to what is going on in Homewood and the East End?
  4. When was the last time you truly took a rest day and let your body just float to recharge without a schedule?

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