I remember where I was . . . I never made it into work that morning as downtown Pittsburgh was evacuated shortly after the plane from Cleveland was identified around the city.

It really has been that long ago, one take away is the amount of love and kindness shown. Either at the World Trade Center or Gander, NF.

We were just talking about where we were a year ago. . . .getting ready for our Canada trip and ending it with a night on Broadway. Those are some really amazing memories that can’t be recreated again in 2020. Come from Away is currently suspended as all of Broadway remains dark until 2021.


2 responses to “So where were you on 9/11?”

  1. bmcindoe Avatar

    At work and trying to reach Sue to make sure Jim wasn’t in New York. Moments of great fear, relief and then sorrow.

  2. dpankiewicz Avatar

    Officially I was in the car and heading to the gym before work, when BaBaBooey came running into the studio to tell Howard that a plane just crashed into WTC. Gary wasn’t sure if it was a Cessna or what, because there was really no sign of a plane. Then when the second one hit the morning workout crew in West Mifflin was watching the TV’s in the cardio area with jaws dropped. Instead of getting ready for work, I hung around until a few The drive back home to my grandfathers was really surreal, as we really weren’t sure what was going on next. We were resilient then. . .

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